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1. What is the purpose of this website when we need to physically visit the museums ourselves to get the first hand experience?

This website provides a comprehensive ‘Virtual Tour’ of nearly all the science museums in the country in one go within the framework of Virtual Reality. It provides a grand overview of what artifacts are being exhibited at these unusual places of learning and what is the science behind these exhibits. Since more than 4000 exhibits are presented covering nearly all the topics of science, this site comes up as a kind of handy science encyclopedia. One can select an area of interest and then explore what knowledge these museums provide on this topic.

2. This summer vacation, I am going on a visit to Bhopal. How can I include in science museums in my tourist plan?

You can do so by getting the list of science museums in Madhya Pradesh and then those in Bhopal.

3. Our school is taking us to Science Centre in Gulbarga on a trip to Karanaka. What are other places of tourist attraction we can visit?

Every museum covered in this database provides this information to link science tourism with general tourism. Open Science Centre, Gulbarga to get the names of places.

4. I am a BSc student of zoology. How can this website help me in my exposure to the subject?

Select all the museums with zoology as area of specialisation and read the information on their exhibits. For those museums not specialising in the subject but have exhibits on zoology, select Zoology as S&T field and track their location in these museums.

5. At several science museums, some exhibits carry only their name and do not have panels giving details about them. How can this Website help the users in this regard?

The S&T content/description given in the presentation of an exhibit explains in detail the science behind the exhibit - the background theory/historical evolution/working principle/operation/applications pertaining to the exhibit and so on).

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